We transform our students
into marketing pilots

What the academy can do for you

The 8 week 1on-1 Academy that will revolutionize the way your business leverages online marketing!


Through deconstructive questioning and monitoring your consumer’s online habits, we will create a new marketing strategy that is customized for your consumer’s persona. Learn what platform your consumer is statistically most engaged with and how you can make your business appear as an industry leader to your consumer. We like to call this stage mental research and development!


Step by step you will discover our methods for finding the most statistically shared content and repurposing that content to match your brand. Our history of clients leaves behind a large list of placements and tactics that we know are currently working in the market. This information will minimize your cost per click and maximize your return on every invested dollar.


Second flight specializes in only creating lean tactics that require minimal attention and low budgets. One on one, we will show you the newest software and platforms being used to create automated marketing systems. You will learn how to monitor and extract information to generate new leads. Finally, we will leave you with a scaling plan of campaigns so you always have your next plan of action.


no cookie cutter lessons

All resources given to you in this 8 week one on one academy will be customized for YOUR SITUATION. No cookie cutter videos or generic concepts. Each template, resource guide, and video tutorial is custom made for you and your business. Information will be as slow/simple or as fast/advanced as you need it to be.

work for any situation

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur looking to get your product to market or a multi million dollar company looking for the newest social media strategies, Second Flight Academy has worked with all situations. You can either work with us directly or assign us an employee.

you learn and earn

With our hybrid method you will learn AND execute the strategies week by week. Each week we will hold you accountable for completing tasks and being ready for the following week’s lessons. Depending on the stage your business is in, some academy members begin seeing ROI before the end of 8 weeks.

What others have said


“Working with Second Flight has increase weekly revenue over 600% ever since we started working together!”

James Pelton

Founder of Mobile text alerts


“I was amazed on how Second Flight was able to turn my 100 instagram followers to over 50k in less than 4 months with instagram being a major driver to new email opt ins and revenue. Complete game changer”

Dave Schuman

NUC Football


“Nick & The Second Flight team are the most brilliant minds in digital marketing and growth hacking!”

Johnathan Holland

Founder at Curexe


“Second Flight has been able to successfully bring our HSN Product through Ecomerce and Amazon Marketplace. Ever since we started working with Second Flight our e-commerce monthly sales has increased by over 900%.”

Ryan Sullivan

Founder at Truhair

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